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     The Tall Pines Scenic Railroad is located in Berwick, Maine on 15+ acres. The land is heavily wooded with a mixture of Red and White Pines, Hemlock, Fir, Maple, Oak, and Birch trees.


     There is 3778' of 15" guage track made up from 12 lb rail lag bolted to 4 x 4 x 30" pressure treated ties. Heavy duty landscape fabric was first put down to prevent ballast from sinking into the ground and to prevent weed growth. Finally, 3/4" stone ballast is being used to level the track.


      Tall Pines Scenic Railroad currently has a 3" scale GE 50 ton 0-4-0 switcher. The prime mover is a Kohler 16 hp gas engine driving a hydraulic pump which in turn drives two hydraulic motors, one on each axle. The locomotive has an air system for train brakes and air horns and has operating headlights. Weight - 1200 lbs, Wheel diameter - 8 5/8", Fuel - gasoline, capacity 3.6 gal.
Also under construction are two SD-XX locomotives based on the SD45. One powered and one non powered. The non powered unit is complete except for brakes and handrails. The second has an Isuzu C240 diesel engine installed. Needs to have the hydraulic drive finished. The Isuzu engine is in running condition. Both engines are for sale. Call for pricing.

                                                                                                            ROLLING STOCK

There are four freight cars on the railroad. These include one flat car, one 2 bay hopper, one low side gondola, and one boxcar.
       The hi-side gondola has been sold. Also included are one MOW weed spraying car, and one MOW backhoe car. This is basically
       a flat car with a backhoe attached to the deck.

      The railroad is for sale either as a package or individual parts. Please see my add at Discover Live Steam website or call/e-mail
      me at 603-312-8875 or walterwhiting@comcast.net


    Two videos are available on youtube.                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6hmY7YKF2M    Rolling Stock
                                                                                     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRjPiAlL3xc          Train Ride
                    More photos                    http://photos.modelrails.net/show/?order=byrail&page=1&key=Tall%20Pines%20Scenic%20Railroad



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